Ceola Records (pron. “kee-o-la”) is proud to announce its latest release, Overheard On a Park Bench. A year in the making, this album is now available on most streaming and download sites. Download it on iTunes. Listen on Spotify.

This album will released on vinyl LP in the late Spring of 2021. If you are interested in obtaining the LP, please click here or on the Ceola logo below to email us.

Head in The Clouds (2009) is also available for download on iTunes, as are some of John’s previous Solitudes© and Avalon© releases. Please click here to be taken to John’s iTunes page. To purchase CD copies of Head in The Clouds, click here to send us an email.

For information regarding any other of John’s CDs for Solitues© or Avalon©, please click here to contact John directly.

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