John is currently using the COVID period to rediscover and return to his musical roots.

In June, 2020, John recorded four new tracks at one of Toronto’s finest studios, Canterbury Music Co. with engineer Jeremy Darby. In disparate musical styles, these tunes are essential “Herberman” in all respects, and truly reflect his inner ear and musical sensibilities.

This is no small matter; freelance and ‘work-for-hire’ creators in all disciplines risk losing their authentic artistic selves in the pursuit of making a living by realizing the vision of others. COVID, with all of the sacrifcies it has necessitated, has provided many of us with the time to reflect on why we chose to be composers and musicians in the first place.

The joy of writing music for its own sake, with its own intrinsic worth as an honest espression of personal artistic vision, is, well… joyous.

The four tunes of the “CERB Sessions” are, in many ways, more important to me than almost anything I have written in the service of others. Most importantly, I feel relieved of the burden of pleasing others and submitting to their judgements. In other words, I don’t give a sh*t!

LISTEN to “The CERB Sessions”

John brings a wealth of experience and a command of diverse styles to his composition, with credits such as “Joan of Arc” (TV Miniseries), “Once Upon a Hamster” and “Bookaboo” (children’s TV series), and a refreshed “Hockey Night in Canada” theme created for Rogers Media in 2014.

John works as an orchestrator, both domestically and in Hollywood, and has taught orchestration to music professionals, including at the Canadian Film Centre, since the early 2000s.

As a recording artist and producer, John has created over 45 CDs, garnering 7 Gold Records and 5 Juno nominations in the process, and establishing himself as an international recording artist.

As a community builder, John founded and leads “Toronto Ravel Study”, which gatheres together music and media professionals to study great orchestral scores, just for the love of doing so.

John is also active as a mix engineer, having mixed CD projects for the likes of David Bradstreet and Beverly Glenn Copeland.

John is an member of SOCAN, SCGC and AFM.